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Flat-packs and meatballs

Added: 3 May 2013

picture title Last Friday was the last Friday of the month, and in now time honoured tradition, we fired up the van and set off on an Ikea trip for our members.

Apparently an Ikea trip is, after childbirth and moving house, one of the most stressful undertakings known to science. With this in mind, it makes a lot of sense that our members should out source this function to us!

We've been busy this past week running to IKEA, delivering flat-packs all across London, and refuelling on Ikea's signature meatballs (with lingonberry jam)!

Each month we run an Ikea trip for our members in which we collect anything they need, deliver it, and can even arrange for a Citybutler to come and assemble it. The clever bit is that this can be a really cheap way not only of getting someone else to do a job which, let's face it, isn't even 1% fun but also means that the cost of sending out a CityButler can be spread across a number of members, making it much cheaper than getting a delivery. Over the past two months we have collected 12 picture frames, 6 chairs (and assembled them), 5 plants, 2 wardrobes and 1 computer chair. What that really equates to is 4 plates of meatballs, 4 scoops of lingonberry jam and 4 bowls of chips. Either way, we'll be there at the end of this month with a van ready to get anything our members need and deliver it straight to them.