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The Burgundy Portfolio Recommends

Added: 17 Jul 2013

picture title Andrew Corben-Clarke, the CityButler wine merchant extraordinaire and founder of The Burgundy Portfolio, has updated us on what's new in his cellar. To make any purchases, get in touch with us on 0207 600 6114.

“Do you sell pink wines?” seems to be a question I am asked more and more as that warming big yellow orb now becomes more evident.  “Yes we do!” is the good news.  Indeed, we have a number of especially selected options and all would be highly suitable for downing in this most seasonal weather.  We have also slipped a couple of reds and a "fizzy" into the mix to make up our Perfect Picnic Selections and even discounted each of the 6 wines below.

Newly shipped to these shores is:

2011 Bourgogne "Rose", Dom. Christine & Gilbert Felettig
Made from young Chambolle-Musigny vines from this cult Côtes de Nuits estate and a little paler pink than their 2010 offering.  If you are looking for a Pinot Noir with a real freshness this would be the choice.

£165.00 per 12 bottle case
Offer price £148.50

2010 Bourgogne "Rose", GAEC Henri Felettig
Fuller with more strawberry and raspberry fruits evident here.  Our stocks are now limited and highly prized as this wine is already a staple with our restaurant clients.  Dangerously drinkable.

£162.00 per 12 bottle case
Offer price £145.80

2011 Beaujolais Rosé “Cuvée Louise”, Dom. de Sermezy
If you hanker over the more herbaceous, even-paler-still pink style this is the wine for you.  We have not fallen into the “Provençal trap” as this is a properly made and refreshing wine not just made using a Dulux colour chart!  That it is named after Patrice’s i.e. the grower's eldest daughter should really be recommendation enough?

£63.00 per six bottle case
Offer price £56.70

For those that would prefer a chill-able red may I recommend our highly quaffable 2010 Fleurie, Dom. de Sermezy?  We bought all we could of this stunning vintage from these noteworthy cellars as found not just a floral lightness of touch here but some berried richness makes it ideal alongside your charcuterie or even a Scotch egg.

£156.00 per 12 bottle case
Offer price £140.40

For our "fizzy" option we are now thrilled to carry Fabienne Bony’s Crémant de Bourgogne NV.  For us, Crémant de Bourgogne is one of the bargains of France especially when made by Fabienne from Domaine Jean-Pierre Bony of Nuits-Saint-Georges – no less!  Of course, there is a time and place from “proper” Champagne but to trail in the water languidly alongside your punt this brooks no countenance and doesn’t even need a corkscrew...

£105.00 per six bottle case
Offer price £94.50

Also not needing a corkscrew is our 2009 Rootstock Claret.  Yes, a red Bordeaux that we really could not resist under Stelvin! Great with cold roast beef and will even handle a mature Cheddar. At these prices wholly outdoes in quality some other Good and/or Ordinary so-called competition. Classy kit.

£150.00 per twelve bottle case
Offer price £135.00

We can also offer Perfect Picnic Selection mixed cases below:

12 x bottle case (with two bottles of each of the wines above)
6 x bottle case (with only one bottle of each wine above)
£75.00   All prices above include VAT and Duty. All wines are offered subject to stocks remaining. Our usual delivery terms apply.